Blue Springs South grad receives golden ticket on “American Idol”

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- It's a ticket that can take regular people to super stardom.

The 14th season of American Idol is underway -- which can be seen on FOX 4.

A moment on the tennis court is a rare means of relaxation. Those are the words of 22-year old Zack Kaltenbach, the Blue Springs South graduate who was a contestant on Thursday's edition of the show.

Zack was one of many singers from the metro who stood before the show's celebrity judges back in August, which proved to be a nerve-racking experience.

"I walked in the room, and the judges are there," Kaltenbach remembered. "I was like, 'I see these people on TV and all over the internet.' It was crazy to sing for them."

Kaltenbach grew playing varsity tennis as a Blue Springs South Jaguar in 2010, and all the while, he was warming up his voice, singing in the school choir into his college years at Missouri State.

"Music has always inspired me," Kaltenbach said. "I started singing in the fifth grade, and just kept on singing."

Kaltenbach says he idolizes pop singer Ed Sheeran. Zack's friend, Nick Hays just knows him as his former high school teammate.

"He was always kind of the rock star of the team," Hays said. "He always had this little edge to him. If there's anyone I grew up playing with, it's maybe Zack. He could be that guy."

Kaltenbach rocked it for the show's three judges, and he'll head off to Hollywood for shows you'll see in the next couple of months. Kaltenbach said that's when the real pressure begins.

Blue Springs South graduate David Cook also did well on American Idol. He won the seventh season of American Idol, and has since recorded three albums, all of which have sold well.

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