Metro girl adamant in video that she, not her mother, is married to her dad

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Argubright family is shocked that their family's funny video resonates with so many other people.

They say they always thought their three year-old, Natalie, was funny, but they didn't know others would agree!

On a trip to the store, Katy Argubright decided to record her daughter, Natalie's, most recent topic of conversation: marriage.

Natalie's parents had been trying to explain what it meant in the days before.

"It's two people that love each other, and when you get older, you can marry who you love. So immediately she thought I'll marry daddy because I love him," said Katy Argubright.

Once she decided on a husband, Natalie stood by her "vow," even though her mom tried to reason with her.

The video started off as something fun to share with friends, but Katy's brother, who has a production company called Hambone Productions, persuaded the Argubrights to post the video on YouTube.

"He's like- no this is really funny, like people are going to love this," said Katy.

Turns out people did.

On Wednesday, there were about 1,500 views, and by Thursday afternoon, there were more than 132,000. The video was viral.

"We thought we were biased, you know we didn't think anybody else would think it was funny," said Tom Argubright.

The Argubrights are just excited that so many people are getting enjoyment from Natalie's video. They plan to save the video and any attention it gets from the media to show it at her wedding when that day comes.

Click this link to see the full video.

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