Suspects fleeing from police in dangerous fashion crash into innocent driver

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Todd Macrorie was driving southbound on Wornall Road when he saw a car coming straight toward him from 79th Street on Thursday.

"All I saw was the car coming through the intersection and I hit my brakes as hard as I could, and then I saw helicopters and the police coming," Macrorie said. "They were about halfway through the intersection and I hit the tail end of them."

Macrorie said he thought someone had accidentally run a red light, but that wasn't the case. The person who hit him was fleeing police in a car chase.

"We had a surveillance of several stolen autos with some of our undercover assets," said Captain Mark Terman, with the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department, "while we are conducting the surveillance, and the vehicles began to drive in a way that frightened the public."

Cpt. Terman said two cars were being watched by police but didn't disclose why. He said initially the two stolen cars were running together, they lost one, but stayed on this one because he was driving in a way that was threatening to the public.

"For example, driving into oncoming traffic and almost hitting other vehicles," Cpt. Terman explained.

After the dangerous chase around the city, the fleeing car smashed into Macrorie.

"Right after the impact I saw probably five or six cars and then I saw the helicopter right afterwards, so it was quite an interesting morning," Macrorie said. "I had a green light and I was glad I was driving a big truck, it was a pretty good impact."

"We attempted to throw the stop sticks down a lot of times, but unfortunately he missed them every time," added Cpt. Terman.

Police say there were two people in the car, and both tried to get away on foot.

"I kind of gathered my thoughts there for a few minutes and I saw a female running south on Wornall, and I think there was another passenger that came out and started running west on 79th," Macrorie said.

They caught the woman almost immediately, and the male driver not long after.

"He went about a block or so over and I think he just got cold, and at that point when he got cold he just sat down and we were able to take him into custody with no incident," said Cpt. Terman.

"My truck is pretty messed up, the front end looks bad and it's not drivable so there's going to be quite a bit of damage," Macrorie said.

Police arrested both suspects and say the driver is an adult, the female passenger is a juvenile. No one was injured during this chase and crash.

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