Neighbors protect KC woman’s property from movers accused of stealing after move

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City woman hired a company to help her move, but her neighbors caught some of the crew allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of her belongings and the neighbors took action.

Police say one of the  guys helped the woman move out on Tuesday, but came back Wednesday with a friend thinking they could get away with her roommate's stuff. No one was home, but little did they know neighbors were watching.

"Two different neighbors had called me. I knew something was up," Jed McAdams said.

McAdams went outside to make sure there wasn't an emergency, only to see police in the distance.

"I saw police on the other side of my neighbor's house and walking around trying to see something," McAdams said.

Neighbors on the other side of this home told him they saw two men break into the house and were still inside. McAdams and another neighbor were blocking the doors when all of a sudden...

"Two guys came out the backdoor carrying dufflebags full of stuff. I yelled to police they're over here!" he said.

The two men sprinted back inside and hid in the kitchen.

"The police ran in after them through the door and after a while I heard them yell freeze police," McAdams said.

One of the men worked for All My Sons moving and had been inside the home the day before police say the men tried to get away with an Xbox, iPad, lap top and iPhone.

"I'm not sure if they were thinking as clearly as they should've been," McAdams said.

It's clear McAdams and his neighbor were probably not part of their plan.

"It seemed like they thought it was going to be quick and easy," he said.

Even though it wasn't his home, McAdams says he will always protect neighbors as if it is.

"Whatever I had to do to keep them from getting away, I was gonna do that," he said.

The two men were charged with burglary in the second degree.

FOX 4 did speak with All My Sons moving.They say the employee has been fired and this is an isolated incident. They say they do thorough background checks and will be reviewing this hire.

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