Area doctor’s office pulls kids toys and books from waiting room

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When kids head to a doctor’s office, it’s usually not fun, especially if they’re sick. Often doctors will help ease the pain with some waiting room toys. But with the onset of flu season, that might not be an option in every waiting room.

Those books and blocks are stored in a closet, away from sick kids. It’s part of the regimen at Premier Pediatrics to keep germs from spreading.

Deborah Windburn-Antovoni a pediatrician there said, “I just explained to a kid that they were on vacation until the flu goes out of town and they can come back from vacation.”

At the end of the day, it is protocol to wipe down the entire area with Lysol wipes. Surfaces like tables and chairs anywhere were there might be germs. It’s a common practice in many metro pediatric offices.

This year, the flu arrived early and spread quickly. Toys were removed from waiting rooms to reduce the risk of spreading germs. But they are sometimes missed.

“We like to play with those, those transformer things and we like to fight with them sometimes,” said McKenzie Malan.

She visited the doctor’s office with her mom and brother.

Those toys and books will most likely reappear in May.