Crossfit competitor learns to walk again following freak accident

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Warning: Video shows accident which some might find difficult to watch

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – A Colorado CrossFit competitor nearly died one year ago during a weightlifting competition in California, which at the time was being streamed live on the internet. Now he’s inspiring others while he learns to walk again.

According to FOX 4’s sister station, FOX 31 in Denver, Kevin Ogar’s accident, which left him paralyzed from the waist down, was being broadcast while his father and several others watched. In the video, Ogar can be seen dropping a large barbell onto his back, which snapped his spine in half. Doctors confirmed just how uncanny and unlikely the incident was when it happened.

“To have an injury like this that really damages, and potentially severs the spinal cord, it’s really rare,” Ogar’s therapist told FOX 31.

In fact, strength from years of lifting weights, training and CrossFit helped Ogar survive the accident. And although it’s a small percentage he will walk again, Ogar says a small chance is something to strive for.

“I credit a lot of stuff I am doing now, one year after the accident with the fact that I was in such good shape going into my accident,” Ogar said.

He says he decided to go back to CrossFit the day after his accident, and has since received lots of support from the CrossFit community, who raised hundreds of thousands for his recovery. Ogar also supports a charity benefitting breast cancer by wearing and using pink leg braces and a walker.

Those helping him say his strength and attitude are what will get him far in his recovery.

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