Following She’s A Pistol shooting, other gun shops review policies, take precautions

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OLATHE, Kan. -- The murder last week at She's A Pistol in Shawnee, Kan., has other area gun shops reviewing safety policies and talking to police about their safety.

They want to prepared should armed robbers ever target them, said the owners of Centerfire Shooting Sports in Olathe, Kan.

“It was a little scary because we have thought about that,” said Jean Basore, who owns Centerfire Shooting Sports with her husband, Bill. “But then it kind of made us angry that they would do this and hurt these good people that are just trying to run their business.”

Four young men now face murder charges for shooting and killing She’s A Pistol co-owner Jon Bieker during an attempted robbery last Friday. Police said the robbers also assaulted the shop’s other co-owner, Bieker's wife, Rebecca.

“As the details unfolded, of course it was tragic,” Jean Basore said. “I did not know Jon, but I knew Becky and as a husband and wife business owners, it’s so sad.”

Bill Basore said like Jon Bieker, he too would've risked it all to protect his wife.

“Absolutely, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was Jean or if it had been one of our employees, we all look after each other,” he said.

The fatal gun battle has sparked many conversations about their own store, such as how they would respond if someone tried to rob their shop and at what point they would open fire on an intruder.

“We’ve obviously talked to employees about situations,” Jean Basore said. “We have a plan of action if something would happen like that.”

Olathe police have also stopped by their shop to ensure gun store owners like them don’t have any security concerns.

But the couple said taking precautions doesn’t mean they will let last week’s tragedy disrupt business as usual for their shop.

“I’m a firm believer in that if you let evil dictate what good people do, they win,” Bill Basore said. “The good people always have to prevail.”