Town hall meeting held to address neighborhood concerns over broken pipes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – People living in the Oak Park neighborhood held a town hall meeting Tuesday to confront Missouri Gas Energy about broken water pipes. The group claims the gas company broke the pipes during construction by crews that were installing new gas pipes in the neighborhood.

Kansas City Manager Troy Schulte said the city is working with the gas company to resolve the situation.

"The issue is one of the utility company in the area that's disturbed the water line," he said. "They're the ones doing the work in the area so you know if the same issue had been, if we were doing the work in the area, it would be our responsibility to make those repairs."

Representatives with the gas company didn't admit fault at the meeting, but agreed to investigate each concerned homeowner's complaint to determine if its crews caused the damage.

Kenneth Flowers, one upset resident, had his water shut off Monday after an inspector with the city's water department saw a stream of water coming from the broken pipe and running down the street. After Tuesday night's meeting, the city agreed to turn Flowers water back on.

"I'm more than happy they are going to investigate this I'm so happy because if it happened to me it can happen to another neighbor," he said.

Schulte said water will be restored to all four homes where it was shut off on Monday.