Problem Solvers: Area transmission shop steps up to help wronged family

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- The last time FOX 4 Problem Solvers met the Herbranson family of Kansas City, they were getting ready for a modest Christmas.

It would be a Christmas with few presents because Alan Herbranson, a carpenter, hadn't been able to work in more than a month. He had been forced to turn down jobs because he had no way to get to them. His only vehicle was stranded in the driveway with a bad transmission.

Making matters worse, mechanic Donny White, who Herbranson paid $2,500 to repair the van, never got the job done and failed to keep his promise to refund the money.

After FOX 4 Problem Solvers shared the Herbranson's story, Certified Transmission volunteered to make the repairs for free.

The last time we saw the van it was being hauled to Certified Transmission's Liberty location. That was shortly before Christmas.

The next week Certified Transmission, with a helping hand from O'Reilly Auto Parts, had fixed a variety of issues in the van, from bad wheel bearings and leaky rear shocks, to a faulty oxygen sensor. Oh, and it also replaced that bum transmission.

"We were very glad we were able to help them out and give them a safe, reliable vehicle," said Certified Transmission manager Bobby Eddleblute. "There are some people out there who can give this line of business a bad name and we want to clear it up that there are honest companies out there who do quality work."

Sarah Herbranson couldn't believe it when she saw the receipt from Certified Transmission listing all the repairs, most gratifying was the price column, where there were just zeroes.

"I've got to put this in the scrapbook because you'll never see one of these again," Herbranson said smiling and pointing to the row of zeroes.  "I am just really amazed and grateful for all the hard work they have done for us."

Husband Alan couldn't be there for the interview because now that the van is working again, Alan Herbranson is back at work.

"We are getting back on our feet because of this," said Sarah Herbranson.

All thanks to a transmission shop with a big heart.

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