Driver slams on brakes, but hits woman walking along I-635

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. --  A woman suffered severe injuries after a car hit her this morning as she walked along Interstate 635 Thursday morning.

Troopers say around 9 a.m. Thursday a white woman in her 30s, who was walking along the shoulder of the southbound lanes near the State Avenue exit, stepped out into the right lane as a Cadillac travelling at highway speeds approached.

Investigators say the driver slammed on her brakes, but hit the woman, shattering the car's windshield.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is trying to figure out why the woman was walking along the interstate.

"Hopefully we'll get independent witnesses besides what we do have," said Trooper Tiffany Bush of the Kansas Highway Patrol. "Maybe someone that knew the pedestrian, and we'll figure out why she was out here on the highway."

Bush says there's no indication the victim was a stranded motorist walking from a vehicle breakdown. And this is an unlikely place to try to cross the interstate because of a tall median and steep hillside.

Witnesses have told troopers that the victim was not dressed for cold weather. She reportedly suffered multiple broken bones after her body was thrown more than 100 feet from the impact.

Troopers also say the driver was not impaired. The accident caused a back up for morning commuters, as investigators shut down the two right southbound lanes.