Glenwood Arts theater moves to a new home

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It took less than one day for tickets to the last movie showing at Glenwood Arts at Metcalf South shopping center to sell out.

The iconic Overland Park theater is on the move, but its customers aren't necessarily happy about that. Glenwood Arts will soon have a new home; this theater is changing locations after 13 years in business.

"Unfortunately I was at the closing of the Fine Arts on Johnson Drive, and now unfortunately I'm closing this place...I was also here for opening day of this theater," said Tony Morningstar, who is purchasing tickets for the last showing here Sunday.

"It's a Metcalf South Memories, it's kind of a documentary on the Metcalf South shopping mall," Morningstar added.

"We had a 5:30 show which sold out in 24 hours, so we added a 2:45 show that's already half sold out," said Brian Mossman, the co-owner of the theater which opened in 2002.

He says the fate of the theater, which has just three screens showing independent art films, has been up in the air since 2007, when new owners took over the mall.

"We're just trying to see what they were going to do with it, they really haven't said if they're going to tear it down, which more than likely that's what they're going to do, or revamp the inside," Mossman said.

This mall at 95th and Metcalf in Overland Park is almost completely empty now.

"We're like the last comic standing, because other than Sears, who own their building, we're the last tenant to leave," said Mossman.

Mossman says he's upset they have to move.

"The community is too, this is the premier art theater in Kansas City, but we can move this program and the Glenwood Arts name over to the Ranch Mart location where we'll have five screens to specialize in art films, so we still have screens to play the films that people like," Mossman added.

"I was really disappointed, really sad," said Morningstar.

"People grew up with this mall and the mall is leaving, the theater is leaving, but times are changing I guess," Mossman said.

The last day this theater will be open is Sunday, January 25. The theater will move to 95th and Mission to the Ranch Mart location.

Glenwood Arts brings in about 55 films and 20 directors for the Kansas City International Film Festival. This October will be its fifteenth year hosting the festival, but this time it will be held in the new location.