Grieving KCK mother incensed by scammer trying to capitalize on baby son’s murder

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's been two weeks since a mother lost her youngest of six children in a drive-by shooting in the 2700 block of North Early. Shooting victim JaQuail Mansaw was only seven months old.

As police investigate who shot and killed JaQuail, his mother is hopeful they will also find the person using her son's picture to solicit donations.

“I hope you see his face in your dreams, like that's just ridiculous, that breaks my heart,” Balethia Washington said.

Washington is beside herself. The young mother just buried JaQuail, and then she found out someone is trying to capitalize on his murder.

“That's past disgusting. They don’t even have a word, it's heartbreaking,” Washington said.

Washington says someone is using the same flyer passed out at her son’s candlelight vigil, but only Security Bank and a GoFundMe page are legitimate donation sites.

“That's it and that's all. I have not given anybody permission to go around with my son's picture to collect money,” she said.

It's not something Washington wants or needs to deal with right now. She's in constant contact with police as they search for the person responsible for killing her son, and she has five other children to take care of.

Her two-year-old won’t stop asking where her brother is, and one of the older kids is having nightmares.

“Six-year-old waking up out of her sleep screaming, crying, hollering like it's playing over and over in her head,” Washington said.

She is trying to be strong, but she's still hurting.

“I will never get to hold him again, I will never get to touch him again, never get to smell him again,” Washington lamented.

Now instead of one person in jail, Washington is hoping for two: The person who killed her son, and the person trying to get donations. If you know anything about either crime, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.