111-year-old woman says sex, vodka and spicy food all keys to a healthy life

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A woman that is more than 100 years old was an inspiration for Dave Romanelli’s new book “Happy is the New Healthy.”

The 111-year-old woman told the author that the three key elements to living a healthy and happy life are sex, vodka and spicy food.

Romanelli told The List’s Donna Ruko that happiness is an attitude that we choose to have.

The author shared four tips to be healthier and happier with Ruko starting with the idea that everyone needs to have a sense of humor. He continued to add that people need to have resilience because everyone goes through struggles. One of Romanelli’s more unique recommendations was to take one minute each day to love by giving someone a hug or sending a nice email. Romaelli also revealed that everyone needs Joie De Vivre, the joy of life, meaning we need to do something each day that we enjoy, which is where the 111-year-old was an inspiration.

Romanelli’s new book features tips on how to enjoy life more by putting demands on hold and taking more time for yourself.

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