Dad rebukes African-American daughter for using the “N” word

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota man who many would easily call racist, lost his job after another father posted a video on Youtube describing the mean Snapchats his adopted African-American daughter received, allegedly from the first father’s twin boys.

But now, Brad Knudson and his wife Wendy, have also admitted their African-American daughter also used racist terms herself.

It all started, Knudson says, on New Year’s Eve.

Knudson says a set of twins from Prior Lake High School sent his daughter a few Snapchats, smartphone video messages that disappear after they’re viewed. Knudson said his daughter’s friend, who was with her at the time, brought the incident to his attention, and upon receiving the fourth Snapchat, he and his wife recorded it with their own phones. In
the Snap, the speaker calls the recipient “such a slut, “a n*****,” and a “fat a** b****.”

Knudson called the twins’ parents, left messages on their home phone, went to their house, but couldn’t get in touch with them.  So, he went to the police, who apparently talked to the boys and the parents.

Knudson then did get ahold of Deron Puro, who apparently told Knudson the explicit language was commonly used around his house and didn’t think much of it.

A voicemail, apparently from Puro, said the following:

“Yeah, Brad, tides have turned, huh? I guess you’re n***** lover. Call me back.”

He called back, told Puro he planned to post their correspondence and Puro’s voicemails to Youtube,  Puro allegedly told him that was fine.

After his voicemail was posted to Youtube,  FOX 9  learned that Puro was no longer associated with the company for which he had worked. Puro’s Facebook page has been removed and his number appears to have been disconnected. FOX 9 in Minneapolis could not reach him for comment.

Since the story first came to light, Brad Knudson informed people who watched his Youtube video that his daughter did not take the use of the ‘N” word as seriously as he did and, in fact, used it herself with her classmates.

Brad Knudson’s comment reads, in part:

“I just found out our daughter did not take this issue as seriously as Wendy and I. The n word is something I was taught at a very young age was not appropriate. You hear nowadays a lot of songs by People of all color use this word. You also see videos that they use this word. I have never liked it I’ve always thought it was inappropriate that they used it. I have now found out that my daughter during the WCCO interview decide…d to use Snapchat and send people videos of her thinking that this was a game and it was funny and she actually uses the N-word twice. Regardless of your skin color I and my wife do not tolerate this word our daughter is going to be reprimanded in an appropriate manner. I am extremely saddened and disappointed because of this video she has discredited the message that we wanted to convey. I hope that this does not stop our efforts to highlight the issues that still remain regarding bully and the effects it has on children. It is still truly an epidemic and social media has allowed us to bully individuals 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where that person lives.”