Kind stranger returns woman’s cell phone with money inside

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- One kind man went out of his way to return a phone to its rightful owner and even included a small reward.

"We had just walked up to the store to grab a couple things and when we got home I realized that my phone was missing," said mother of three Carie Burch.

Burch was walking home from her local Family Dollar in Independence when she thinks her phone may have fallen out of her pocket as she crossed the street with her two boys.

"Oh I was panicked, I have a security app that connects to my home security, so with that app on this phone, you can look into my living room and see what me and my family are doing," Burch said. "It's a bigger deal than just your pictures and information, it's our security."

She says she and her sons retraced their steps and checked with the store, but couldn't find it.

"Went back home and checked my caller ID and there was a number I didn't recognize," said Burch.

A man named Daniel left her a voice-mail that said, "Hi my name's Daniel, and I found a cell phone. This is the home number on the cell phone, so if you want to give me a call I'll try to get it back to you. I found it in the middle of 23rd street."

He left his cell number and they came up with a meeting place so she could get her phone back. When he first handed it to her she just put it in her pocket. When she got home, she pulled it out to check her messages and noticed something.

"Twenty dollars between the case and the phone," Burch said. "I felt like I should be paying him, but instead he's giving me twenty dollars."

Burch says she has no idea why he left the money, but she's thankful for this kind stranger.

"Not very many people would go out of their way to return something that's valuable, plus money on top of it," said Burch.

Daniel most likely wants to remain anonymous, as we called him for comment but didn't receive a call back.