Woes continue for brides jilted by Osawatomie wedding company

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OSAWATOMIE, Kan. -- There is more bad news for brides who had their weddings canceled at an Osawatomie venue in 2014. They never got a refund and just learned the couple who owned the business filed for bankruptcy, so newlyweds won't be getting their money back.

FOX 4 first brought you this story back in October 2014, when we found out more than half-a-dozen brides were out thousands of dollars. Some were left without a place to get married after the company they hired, Grand Loft Events, LLC, canceled their big day.

“I was just devastated,” remembered bride Justine Kennon. “I felt like my heart was broken.”

Mick and Brandi Light, the couple who owned Grand Loft Events, LLC, told Kennon they couldn’t immediately refund her $8,000 deposit and she would have to get married somewhere else.

Her luck changed when the man who owns the venue revealed it wasn't actually closed and agreed to let her have her wedding as planned at no extra charge. Kennon's family still had to dish out more money for a new DJ and catering, but were hopeful they'd eventually get their refund.

Instead, what they got was a notice in the mail.

“I just get this and… very upsetting,” Kennon said as she held the notice in her hand.

It said the Light family filed for bankruptcy and that a bankruptcy court judge ruled jilted brides like Kennon don't have to be paid back.

“I’m so angry that they can get away with it,” Kennon said. “You can’t take that much money from people and just get away with it.”

Several other brides got the same notice, so FOX 4 called the Light's lawyer, Jeffrey Wagoner, for comment.

Since Wagoner could not immediately consult with the Lights, all he would say for now is that they are good people and there's more to their side of the story than people realize.

“I’m sure it’s more complex than I can understand,” Kennon said, “but from the outside looking in, I just think something is wrong. It`s not right. If you take money from somebody, you should have to pay them back and if you don’t, there should be consequences.”

Several of the brides filed complaints against the Light family with the Osawatomie Police Department in hopes that criminal charges might be filed. But on Monday an officer told us because there is no clear evidence of criminal intent, they chose not to send the case to the county attorney for consideration.