Mom says gunshots spray into KCMO home, narrowly miss sleeping kids in bedroom

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Bullets fired into an East Side home overnight narrowly missed hitting two young children sleeping in bed. As a result, the family is counting its blessings.

It happened just after midnight Tuesday near 67th and Park, where the incident has left the parents shaken.

"I'm so thankful that it missed them," said Holly Turner, the children's mother. "They are so safe. Everything else can be replaced, but my babies would not have been. I'm glad we had to call the cops and say we had bullet shots and not that one of the babies was dead."

About a foot above the bed where an 8-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl slept, you can see a large bullet hole. The gunshot is only about a foot above the mattress. ​car shot

The family had just moved into this house in October. They don't know many people in the neighborhood and they have no idea why anyone would fire gunshots into their home.

"I hope it's not a hate crime," Holly Turner said. "You hear a lot about hate crimes. But everyone on this block is so awesome. They've welcomed us here with open arms."

Two other shots also entered the bedroom, missing the children. And another shot narrowly missed hitting their mother. The kids' father took photos of bullets they found in the house.

"I really want it to stop," said Jamie Turner, the father. "This is getting out of hand, if it's just random like that."

Holly also discovered multiple bullet holes in her car parked on the street. Witnesses told police they saw between four and six young men running away from the house after the gunfire.

"We are going to be watching our block," said Mary Brown, a neighbor. "We don't want anything like this kindly going on, on our block. It could have been any of our children. I normally keep my granddaughter at night. It's just a blessing I didn't have her last night, when all this was going on."

Although the family would like to return to the safety of the small town where they're from, they say they're determined to try to make it in the city.

This is one of several reports of sprayed gunfire in Kansas City overnight. If you can help police stop the shooting, call the TIPS hotline.

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