Disturbing voicemails, strange gifts lead police to arrest man for stalking

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- A chance sighting inside a metro courtroom ended with a woman calling police for help, and a man landing behind bars.

An Overland Park woman who said she had been stalked took action. She said the stalking started with bizarre calls, and escalated quickly. But what makes this story even stranger is that she never even met the man she says was watching her every move.

Aaron Lee Watson is charged with stalking a Johnson County woman. She said he likely noticed her in court, but it’s a chance encounter that may have happened over a year ago. According to Overland Park police, cases like this one are rare. The victim and accused stalker almost always know each other.

The woman said she knew things were escalating when she said Watson started getting more aggressive. The victim said that Watson left her a voicemail that was more than five-minutes long. In that voicemail, the victim said that Watson got, “more disturbing, horrifying, and aggressive.”

According to the woman, Watson tracked her down at work and even bought her gifts. Police say it's one of those gifts that eventually led them to the suspect. Investigators say Watson gave the victim a gift certificate.

They were able to track the gift to Watson's credit card and then found him. He was arrested on Tuesday night.

Watson is now being held on a $25,000 bond. The victim says this entire situation has been a reality check, and says she's even considering taking a self-defense course.