Got Milk? Activity makes nutrition memorable for students

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LENEXA, Kan. -- One local school is getting creative and learning about nutrition by asking one question: Got milk?

Students at Holy Trinity Early Education Center spent some time Wednesday making milk mustaches as part of their nutrition class.

"We're doing the dairy group in the month of January, the one way of helping kids remember is the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign," said Cathy Box, the nutrition education coordinator at the center. "Who doesn't like to do a milk mustache, with a shake or something like that, everybody does that. Don’t you remember doing that as a kid?"

She teaches a different nutrition topic every month to introduce her students to new things, and teach them about the different food groups.

"Most kids can't tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable," said Box, who went online and got the teaching materials for free. "We actually tried just plain milk, and real milk, even whole milk, doesn't really leave much of a milk mustache to see, so what they recommended to use was melted down ice cream.”

Close to 300 students drank their milk and got their picture taken; an activity Box says they'll always remember.

"You cannot put the price on experiences," said Box. "If you want them to retain it, get them dirty."

Box says it's a good way to get kids interested in healthy food at an early age in such a grab-and-go society.

"It's just easier to go through a drive-thru most of the time, grab some stuff, go to the next practice, go to this, go to that, and it's really hard on the families, so it's nice that we have a staple here that we're able to give them healthy, nutritious food," said Box.

Box says she'll get these pictures developed to hang in the hallway and she always sends her students home with the recipes she uses in class so their parents know how to remake them.