Man accused of lewd behavior arrested after following teen around community center

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MISSION, Kan. -- A shocking scene at a popular mission community center has landed a 25-year-old man, accused of touching himself in the public place, in police custody.

Witnesses say the incident happened Tuesday night, when a teen at the popular Sylvester-Powell Community Center in Mission, in front of women and teenagers.

This is a very popular community center for families. In fact one of the victims was here last night to have a nice swim with her mom.

"I just like noticed he was watching us, he just gave off that kind-of creepy vibe you know,” said victim Angela Reeves.

Reeves, 19, says the man in the pool with her at the community center made her feel incredibly uncomfortable.

“So I moved over to the hot tub and he followed me in hyperextended and AI went to the sauna and he followed me in there,” said Reeves. "And then someone was like ‘hey don't get back in the pool.’”

She decided to go to the locker room, where she says the man then followed her there too.

"In kind of a kind of like little alcove, and so he was in that area, like, he shouldn't have been there, like, it was part of the ladies locker room,” said Reeves.

"He came out of the girls’ locker room and I knew that was a no-go,” said good Samaritan Derrick Eazor.

Eazor saw what he describes as the man’s “creepy behavior” and says he told his friend to go block the exit door.

"I think he heard me so he ran ahead of us so that's pretty much when we got in a little scuffle,” said Eazor. "Me and my buddy we just chased him down, tackled him down, held him down until the police got there.”

Captain Dan Madden with the Mission Police Department says these types of crimes are especially important to report because for everyone who gets caught there are many more who don't.

"These things can happen anywhere, anytime, crime like this doesn't really have an address,” said Capt. Madden.

FOX 4 is not naming that man yet, because he was originally charged with lewd and lascivious behavior in Mission Municipal Court, but because it is an offense where if the suspect is found guilty, he will have to register as a sex offender, Mission police dropped the charges at the municipal court and have handed the case over to the Johnson County District court.