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More car break-ins reported near Town Center

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LEAWOOD, Kan. -- After two consecutive weekends of vehicle break-ins outside an Independence, Mo. movie theater, detectives are investigating a similar trend across the state line.

Leawood police report a disturbing surge in vehicle break-ins over the last two weeks near the AMC Theater at Town Center Plaza.

FOX 4 News first reported on Monday nearly 20 vehicle break-ins that happened during the last two weeks outside the Independence AMC multiplex. Now, victims in Johnson County say the something similar is happening in Leawood.

Photos show damage to a brand new pickup truck that happened Sunday evening. The owner went to see a movie at the AMC 20 in Leawood and came out of the show to find a shattered window on his 3-week-old truck. Nothing was stolen, but after learning of what's been happening in Independence, the owner, who doesn't want to be identified, can't help but wonder if there's a connection.

"This is in leawood, maybe there's a connection," the victim said. "It's all AMC 20. I know in the area, this area of town there have been health clubs and things where vehicles have been broken into. I don't know if that's related, or if it's something with the theaters."

Leawood police say this is one of about six to eight similar incidents reported in the last two weeks around Town Center Plaza. After learning of the Independence crime spree, the agencies are comparing notes and working together to see if there's a connection.

"It definitely raises some red flags," said Detective Jason Ahring, of the Leawood police. "We are reaching out to other agencies to try to develop suspects in our case as well."

Police say it's important to hide your valuables when you go out and park somewhere, even though in many of these cases there wasn't anything in plain sight, it's important not to give these crooks a reason to break out your window.