Prosecutors: Victim says convicted child molester blew crack cocaine in her mouth

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PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. -- A recently convicted child molester is facing up to 70 in prison after the alleged sexual abuse of his girlfriend’s two young daughters.

Robert Seaton

Robert Seaton

According to a release from Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric G. Zahnd, Robert F. Seaton, 45, was found guilty of statutory rape, statutory sodomy and child molestation following a two-day jury trial in Platte County. Seaton faces no less than 60 and no more than 70 years behind bars.

“The Defendant sentenced these girls to a lifetime of dealing with what he did to them.  This verdict and recommended sentence ensures that he will spend the rest of his life facing the consequences of his evil deeds,” said Zahnd.

Prosecutors say Seaton sexually abused the older of the two girls, who is around 13 years old, and the younger girl from the time she was eight years old until she was 11.

The younger victim testified that Seaton threatened her, saying he would hurt her mother if she were to tell anyone about the abuse. While the older victim said Seaton blew crack cocaine into her mouth before sexually abusing her. She said after this happened she stayed away from home for several months.

Both victims told their mother about the abuse, but prosecutors say she didn’t believe them and took no action to protect the girls. In November 2013, one of the girls told her grandmother about the abuse, who contacted law enforcement. During an interview by a children’s advocacy center, the youngest victim revealed that Seaton had been abusing her for many years.

Seaton was found guilty of statutory rape, two counts of statutory sodomy and child molestation by a jury, who recommended Seaton be sentenced up to a total of 70 years in prison. Seaton is scheduled to be sentenced by Circuit Judge James Van Amburg on March 26.