Witnesses: Woman caught in crossfire gets struck by bullet in leg

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Three houses were sprayed with bullets on Wednesday afternoon, and all are on the same street. One woman in the area was grazed by a bullet.

It's the same area that gunmen damaged two houses on Tuesday. The good news is that KCPD Police Chief Darryl Forte said the shooting victim is expected to be okay.

Witness said the victim and another woman were walking down E. 67th Street and stopped to talk to a man in a black Dodge Durango. Moments later, witnesses said a man pulled up in another car and fired at least 15 bullets at the man in the SUV, one grazing the woman on her leg.

The man in the SUV wasn't hurt and spoke with officers. Police say the shooter sped away from the scene.

One neighbor said a bullet narrowly missed her grandson who was playing outside.

“He said a bullet went past his head, and the violence needs to stop. I don't know what's causing it, but why they come over here and people passing by, I guess they got enemies out here and they see them and they shoot everywhere.  They're not understanding they have kids out here,” neighbor Janice Douglas said.

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