Woman allegedly slices the throat of her three children just to quiet them

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — A Washington mother has been taken into custody and charged with attempted murder after slashing the throats of her three children according to KOMO News.

Christina Booth, 28, was trying to quiet her two-year old and six-month old twins  when she slashed their throats police told KOMO News.

All three  of the children  were transported to the hospital where they underwent surgery to repair the injuries police said.

Police reported that Booth called 911 after she allegedly tried to kill her children with a kitchen knife.

When crews arrived, they found the children upstairs and bleeding from their necks police said.

Booth’s husband was home at the time of the incident, but  police said they don’t think he had any involvement in the crime. They said he likely saved all of the children’s lives by providing aid before crews could arrive at the home. Her husband was a soldier according to court documents.

Neighbors told KOMO News that Booth was social when she and her husband moved into the neighborhood, but they said they noticed a change in her behavior once she had the twins.

“Once the babies came, they just didn’t come out much at all,” neighbor Tammy Ramsey told KOMO News. “Many of us are going to question what we could have done to help provide her more support. Why weren’t we knocking on the door?”

Police have not released the motive for the attack and the children have been taken into protective custody.

Police said Booth remains in custody with bail set at $3 million.