GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl ad

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A cute commercial featuring an adorable puppy takes a quick, and somewhat sad turn, which may be the reason GoDaddy, the url hosting business, has pulled it from the Super Bowl lineup. Others speculate it was all planned; that GoDaddy has just received significant public exposure without paying Super Bowl ad prices.

The ad shows a little white puppy following off a truck. He appears to walk for miles across railroad tracks, on busy highways, and in the rain to return to his siblings and owner.

At last, Buddy returns home, and his owner seems happy to see him, but then delivers an unpopular punchline.

GoDaddy insists the  ad was not a stunt.

“We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress over the past two years, advancing the GoDaddy brand as a company that cares a great deal about small business and is in their corner to help them succeed… We hoped our ad would increase awareness of that cause. However, we underestimated the emotional response. And we heard that loud and clear,” said Blake Irving, GoDaddy CEO.