Lawyer says Suge Knight was behind wheel in deadly crash

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COMPTON, Calif. (AP) — A lawyer for Marion “Suge” Knight says the Death Row Records founder was driving a vehicle that struck two men, killing one, in Compton, California.

But James Blatt says Knight was trying to escape from a pair of attackers and that the man who died was a friend. Blatt says Thursday night that Knight will surrender to authorities, and he’s confident Knight will be cleared of wrongdoing.

Sheriff’s investigators say a red pickup truck backed into and then drove forward over the men shortly before 3 p.m. before taking off.

A 55-year-old died, and a 51-year-old was hurt.

Lt. John Corina says investigators don’t have the truck or eyewitness who say Knight was driving. He says, however, that Knight was seen driving a red truck nearby, where he got into an argument.