Man confronts burglars in his home, gets shot in leg

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A house was burglarized in south Kansas City, and the homeowner walked in on the criminals on Monday afternoon. What happened next is leaving some neighbors on edge.

It started around 1:30 on Monday afternoon when neighbors say a man walked into his house. Police say he was shot after interrupting two burglars.

Neighbor, Debbie Witmer, saw what happened right after.

"I saw him basically walking up to his car, and getting into his car as police pulled in, and he sat down and the policeman ran over to attend to him," Witmer explained.

Witmer said she wasn't sure what happened, but she's not surprised by the burglary or shooting.

"This whole area, we've seen our share, we've even been broken into while we were home," Witmer said.

"Well, my goodness, you know we'd be scared to death," said Paul Montes.

Caroline and Paul Montes say they too have been the victim of a burglary that happened many years ago, and now they take no chances. Doors are locked and the alarm system is on.

"This is going on during the day anymore. I mean, I don't even like to answer the door- unless I know it's somebody I know," said Caroline Montes.

Witmer also says she is on-guard after being burglarized multiple times.

"We're getting used to this, you know? We're armed and ready to go," said Witmer.

Neighbors say the shooting victim is out of the hospital. According to police, the suspects haven't been caught yet.

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