Viral Video: Cop pulls gun on teens during “snowball fight”

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*Warning: This video contains language that some might find offensive*

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – New York police pulled a gun on a group on teens who looked to be having a snowball fight Friday the Daily News reported.

“There was no snowball fight,” New Rochelle Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Murphy told the Daily News, calling the video a piece of “clever mischief.”

Murphy told the Daily News that officers were dispatched around 4 p.m. after reports that a teen had pulled a gun out and pointed it at another person.

“We dispatched several cars to the area. Police officers got out of their cars and one of the individuals bent down, adjusted something in his waistband and ran,” Murphy said.

Five other suspects remained at the scene according to police.

In the video officers arrived on scene and began yelling at the teens. Two of the teens quickly kneeled and placed their hand in the air.

“The group was compliant,” Murphy told Daily News. “(At the same time) the other cop is in foot pursuit of the suspect that had the gun. The suspect runs into an apartment house and into an unknown apartment.”

Murphy and another source told the Daily News that video was taken out of context.

“The video looks terrible, but it’s completely out of context,” the source said. “It’s a completely different incident than it appears from that snippet. There’s clearly a lot of misunderstanding. The record of the 911 call will by itself illustrate what was going on.”

Police said they will not release the recording of the 911 call to keep the caller’s identity confidential, but they might release a transcript of the call.

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