Woman warning others after she says she got burned by wood company

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LEXINGTON, Mo. -- It's a family job keeping up the wood pile at Rhonda Masoner's home. She expects to burn through three cords this winter heating her 2,000 square foot home. But Masoner and her fiancé have already had an expensive lesson in what not to do when buying wood off Craigslist.

"We called this guy and asked him if he could deliver two cords and he said he could do it that night," Masoner said.
A night time delivery. In hindsight that was warning number one.

The seller, Brandon Leimkuhler with Superior Tree Service, promised that for $450 he'd deliver two cords and stack them.

Except he didn't.

"Just dumped it in the back," Masoner said.

One her fiancé got home from work, he stacked and measured the pile. It was one cord, not two.

"I was mad and really upset," she said.

It was a financial hit the young mom with another on the way definitely didn't need. She texted and called the owner who promised he would "talk to his guys" and get back to her. That was more than a month ago.

"We never received anything back," she said.

So she finally called a new wood company, on a recommendation from a family member. It was a better price and this time they actually got the wood.

But they would still like the more than $200 Superior Tree Service owes them for the wood it never delivered.

Fox 4 Problem Solvers tried to reach Superior Tree Service and owner Leimkuhler. The company lists three phone numbers on its business card, but two of them don't allow you to even leave a message. We left multiple messages on the third number, but never heard back.

We then paid a visit to the Independence address listed for this business with the Missouri Secretary of State's office, but no one was home. Finally, we contacted Leimkuhler by Facebook. He messaged us back claiming his tree service doesn't deliver firewood and that would meet us at Fox 4 on Monday with his attorney to discuss it. He never showed up.

Too bad. We wanted to ask him why the multiple text messages that Rhonda Masoner received regarding the firewood delivery all came from the same phone number posted on Superior Tree Service's business card.

We also found another complaint about the company online. Something Rhonda also discovered, realizing she wasn't the only victim.

"I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a couple of weeks and then after reviewing the reviews," Masoner said. "I realized we were not going to get anything back."

Which is why she was willing to share her story, wanting to warn others.

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