Detectives believe they are on trail of thieves targeting cars at metro movie theaters

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LEAWOOD, Kan. -- Detectives say new surveillance video could help them corner the crooks in a crime spree that spans at least four cities across state lines.

More than two dozen movie-goers have left the theater this month to find thieves had smashed their car windows to steal valuables.

“Extremely frustrating,” was how one victim described it. “This vehicle is almost new.”

Leawood Detective Doug Brokaw told Fox 4 the crime spree spans four towns: Leawood, Kansas City, Mo., Lee's Summit and Independence.

BreakInMap“It's unusual that a lot of these crimes are in real common areas,” Det. Brokaw said. “Sometimes they would leave valuables behind that you would think would be something definitely that they would want.”

Brokaw said the MO in all of the break-ins is the same: The crooks smash a car window and take what they can get. In one case, it was a laptop. In another, the perpetrators made off with a $2,000 designer bag.

Now detectives have an idea of who they're looking for thanks to surveillance cameras at the AMC at Town Center in Leawood.

“At this point, we do have video and we're reviewing that for suspicious vehicles and persons in the area,” Det. Brokaw said.

The video shows the thieves appear to be three teenagers sharing a getaway car.

“We do have some suspects that we're looking at right now and hopefully we can have some resolution in the future,” Det. Brokaw added.

Leawood police want to keep the surveillance video private as they investigate the crimes. But they say movie-goers can help by locking their car doors, taking valuables with them, and reporting any suspicious activity when walking through the parking lots.

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