Bruce Jenner’s attorney says he was not texting during fatal crash

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MALIBU, Calif. — Olympic gold medalist and reality T.V. star Bruce Jenner issued a statement, calling the weekend crash that killed a woman a “devastating tragedy.”

Investigators say Jenner’s car hit 69-year-old Kimi Howe’s car, and the impact pushed her white Lexus into another lane, where she was hit by a Hummer.

Investigators told KCAL-TV that the driver of a Toyota Prius stopped suddenly on the Pacific Coast Highway. Then, the driver of the white Lexus slammed on the brakes and was then hit by Jenner’s car.

“It was a huge shock, you know. Here today, gone tomorrow. She was very vivacious. She had a very active social life, she was busy all the time,” said Howe’s friend, Jim Pascucci.

Police continue to investigate the crash and have not yet determined who was at fault. The part of the Malibu highway where the crash occurred is narrow and twisting. A sheriff’s deputy said Jenner voluntarily took a field sobriety test after the crash, answered questions and then went home. Jenner’s attorney says he was not texting while driving during the chain-reaction crash.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials say investigators will likely look at the phone records of all the drivers involved in the crash. Authorities say even though there was a possibility that paparazzi were following Jenner, they do not believe it was a factor in the crash.