Charles Manson fiancé allegedly only wanted him for his body

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Afton Elaine Burton and Charles Manson. Burton now goes by “Star,” a pet name Manson gave her. (Source:

The news of Charles Manson potentially marrying a St. Louis woman sparked headlines not too long ago, but the reason why his fiance wanted to marry the mass murderer might spark even more attention according to The New York Post.

Manson’s 27-year-old fiancé Afton Elaine Burton, who goes by Star, had allegedly devised a plan to get Manson to marry her so she could gain control of his remains once he had died.

Journalist Daniel Simone told The Post that the marriage was all part of Burton’s plan to gain possession of Manson’s corpse. She intended to lay out his body in a glass crypt according to Simone. Burton allegedly thought it would make lots of money.

Simone claimed that Burton and a friend asked Manson to sign a document a while back that would let them have ownership over his body when dead, but Manson never signed. According to Simone, Burton and the friend then began devising a plan that involved her marrying Manson, which would grant her ownership of his remains under California law.

The couple’s marriage license expired last week, and Manson has no interest in renewing the license and marrying Burton according to Simone.

“He’s finally realized that he’s been played for a fool,” Simone told The Post.

Simone also claimed that Manson thinks he’s immortal.

“He feels he will never die,” Simone told The Post. “Therefore, he feels it’s a stupid idea to begin with.”

According to The Post, Burton and her friend couldn not be reached for comment.

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