Metro convenience store recovering after car crashes through windows

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Owners of a convenience store in the metro have a royal mess to clean up after a car rammed through the front window of the store, leaving them with thousands of dollars in damage.

The owner of the Express Stop BP store on East Independence Avenue says it's a disaster for him. It was just before 6:45 p.m. on Sunday night when customers began to argue in his parking lot. When it was all said and done, the argument resulted in a crash, leaving his store in a pile of broken glass.

No matter the camera angle, Eddie Musallet's security cameras have a lot to show.

He doesn't mind rewinding the videotapes from Sunday night, especially the part where a four-door sedan came plowing through his front windows, taking a customer with it.

Musallet says his store has 10 video cameras. He wasn't in this store at that moment. He says he owns eight convenience stores across the metro, including four in the Historic Northeast.

"They said, "Get down here quick. It's crazy. Somebody ran through the store'," Musallet said.

An argument that started in the parking lot resulted in that four-door sedan blasting through his storefront. Musallet says video shows as many as 20 people were involved in that argument, which festered into a fist fight at one point.

"It was a disaster. It was crazy. It looked like half the building was knocked down," Musallet said.

Capt. Tye Grant with the Kansas City Police Department says that car also struck another car as it rolled toward the windows. Grant adds that the driver ran from the gas station, and ditched his car a few blocks away. Police are still looking for the driver.

"It's not good," Musallet added. "We want our customers to feel safe when they come here. An incident like this is never good."

And now, Musallet has hired workers to repair the damage.

It's been the talk of the neighborhood all day. Rickie Soriano works at the store five days a week. He left work earlier than usual on Sunday, and if he hadn't, he fears he'd have been caught in the crash.

"I heard from my girlfriend and my uncle and all that a car ran into the store," Soriano said. "I was like, 'no way'! I was like, that could have been me right there."

Capt. Grant says no one was seriously injured in Sunday's melee. If you know who was driving the car that rammed the convenience store, please contact Kansas City Police.

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