One hundred jobs for one hundred moms program gaining success

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LENEXA, Kan. -- A local program created to help single moms is growing.

The program is called "100 jobs for a 100 moms," and so far two businesses are signed up.

Grapevine Designs  sales promotions company has hired four moms in the last two years and said the program is a success.

The business helped create the program with sister Berta Sailer at Operation Breakthrough and Julie Carmichael.

The idea is to give single moms who struggle with addictions or other issues a chance to get back on their feet.

The jobs offered pay $9 or more an hour and offer child-friendly workdays.

"We thought if we could get companies to provide jobs for these moms then maybe we could make a difference in their lives which alternately helps their children," Janie Gaunce of Grapevine Designs said.

A second business in the metro is also offering the program. It's called "Weave Gotcha Covered" and it's located at 27th and Charlotte streets.