Woman endures years of frustration waiting for contractor to fulfill promised work

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Debbie Wunsch thumbed through a large pile of photos on her kitchen table, all documenting the work of contractor Jeff Theno, who she hired nearly five years ago to install siding and windows.

What Wunsch doesn't have is a photo showing the job completed. That's because Theno, who has been paid in full, never finished the $7,000 job on her tiny Kansas City home.

"He told me he would have it done within months," Wunsch said.

She's still missing three windows and none of the siding has been replaced on one entire side of her home. She's grown weary of Theno's repeated promises to finish.

"I missed a lot of family functions because I'm waiting on him and he doesn't show up," Wunsch said.

She said every time Theno calls, he has a new excuse.

"He told me his nephew was in a car accident and he had to go to Texas," she recalled. "His mom had a heart attack and is in a nursing home. His daughter was sick. He got cut at work."

Last month was the final straw.

"He told me he would come Wednesday, that nice pleasant day, but I found out he was in court," she said.

In fact, Theno made the front page of his local paper. He was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to repay the $14,000 he stole from the Fairmount Township Fire Department in Basehor, Kan., where he once was chief.

According to the prosecutor, Theno was paid the money for work he had supposedly done renovating the fire station. But an investigation showed no work had been done.

"I lost faith in him when I'm hearing he's supposed to be at my house and he's in court, and he has to settle that problem and the motivation in court is probation," Wunsch said. "I have no motivation. I have nothing."

Which is why Wunsch called Fox 4 Problem Solvers. We called Theno, who admitted the job had taken years longer than it should have. He promised us he would be at Wunsch's home that weekend to install another window and tackle more of the siding. It's a promise Debbie Wunsch has heard before, but this time Fox 4 Problem Solvers will be watching.

Here's the good news, Theno kept his promise. In fact, Wunsch tells us he worked on her home all weekend, installing two of the three windows he owed her and finished much of the siding.

He promised Wunsch he would be back in a week to finish the rest of the house. We'll check back to make sure that happens, but it looks like this problem is on its way to being solved.