California mother of three makes $65,000 monthly off Etsy page which ‘started on a whim’

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LIVERMORE, Calif. – A former California clothing boutique owner and mom of three, started an Etsy page on a whim after creating a few headbands for her small store, but now her page is one of the top five selling pages on the popular website for handmade treasures.

Alicia Shaffer says she has no formal training in fashion, but loves seeing how textiles, fabric, fashion and design can all work together in different ways.

According to, Shaffer’s page, which goes by the name “Three Bird Nest,” is listed as the fifth best-selling page on Etsy for 2014, based off the number of sales. Shaffer started her online store, which features clothing, handmade fashion accessories and home décor back in 2011, and now sells approximately 3,000 items per day. It’s estimated that Shaffer makes around $65,000 per month in sales.

In the ‘about us’ section of the Three Bird Nest website, Shaffer wrote, “Three bird nest is a collection of all things I love. I create for the woman that wants to make a statement without saying a word. One that is sophisticated, yet fun. One that loves fashion, but not being trendy. She’s a mom, a student, a daughter, a bride, a woman going on a first date. She’s you.”

Three Bird Nest sells items at several retail locations throughout the United States and Canada, including one at Zona Rosa in Kansas City, Missouri called Altar’d State.

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