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Teen only wants $4 back after finding chicken organ in KFC lunch

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STOCKTON, Calif. — After finding what he believes was a chicken’s brain in his fast food meal, a California teen said all he wants is his money back FOX 40 reported.

Manuel Cobarubies, who is a high school student, told FOX 40 that he eats at the KFC often and the discovery surprised him.

The teen said there was something that resembled a brain near his chicken breast, thighs and corn.

Photo courtesy of FOX 40.

Photo courtesy of FOX 40.

“I ended up spitting it in the trash can because I get grossed out by that,” Cobarubies said.

Cobarubies took to Twitter to complain to KFC about the mishap.

“I directly mentioned to them and a bunch of people started tagging them and I guess it kind of raised awareness to them when a lot of people started tagging them in my tweet,” Cobarubies said.

According to FOX 40 the teen eventually got a call from an area KFC consultant who claimed the “brain” was  a kidney or gizzard. Richard Ramos, the consultant, said that the find was safe to eat. Ramos also said he will work with cooks to make sure chicken is prepared correctly.

Cobarubies ultimately got his money back according to the report, but said he intends to start making his own meals more often.

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