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Platte Co. grandma charged after 4-year-old grandson rushed to hospital, intoxicated

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- A grandmother's alleged mistake landed her four-year-old grandchild in a hospital bed, and now Aretha McAdoo is in trouble with the law.

Police say McAdoo was taking care of her three young grandchildren when they were called to a house last December for a child possibly having seizures. Investigators say the child was vomiting liquid that reeked of alcohol on the way to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Police say when they got to the house, McAdoo appeared to be intoxicated, but refused a breathalyzer.

McAdoo later admitted to police that she left two glasses of wine and a box of wine on a table, and that her grandson told her the four-year-old had been drinking it. According to court documents, that child had a blood alcohol content of .159, which is nearly twice the legal limit to drive.

FOX 4 spoke with McAdoo on Wednesday night, who said she knows she made a mistake, and wishes she could change the past.

"This was an accident that happened. My grandbaby got into something that I was drinking, which is wine," McAdoo told FOX 4’s Megan Brilley.

She said she would never do anything to intentionally hurt her grandchildren.

“For me to see my grandbaby really sick like that, it was scary. I would not want that to ever happen to anyone. It was not something I would ever wish on my worst enemy. It was a nightmare,”

McAdoo says she is a social worker and takes children out of these same situations for a living. She told FOX 4 she was babysitting the kids for her son. Prosecutors charged her on Tuesday with endangering the welfare of a child in the second degree, she's due in court on March 31.

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