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Robbery, police chase suspect crashes into minivan and finds more trouble

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DALLAS — A dramatic police chase on Wednesday ended with two people taking down and detaining the suspect for Dallas police officers.

KDFW spoke with the heroes of the hour who described what it felt like to save the day.

“I asked him, ‘what is wrong with you, what are you thinking? You’re in a school zone.’ And he had nothing to say and acted like he was trying to run, so I remember kicking the door. All I can think about from there is you’re not getting away, you’re not getting away,” mom Jessica Liesmann said.

Liesmann and her boyfriend pinned Artrai Alexander to the street until police relieved them.

“I think he ran up against a Mama Bear,” Senior Corporal Demarquis Black said.

What they didn’t know was that Alexander was a suspect in a police chase, wanted for robbing Dracelus Hunter of his new Dodge Challenger.

“I love my car, I just got it, but at the same time, I love my life. (Explitive) that car. I’ll let the police handle it,” Hunter told KDFW.

He wasn’t going to get involved, but Liesmann did.

“I’m screaming at him after everything happened, ‘You hurt my son! With your stupid actions, you hurt my child,'” she recalled.

Liesmann had just picked up her 13-year-old son T.J. from school and was going to get her daughter when they were hit. T.J. was in the backseat, and took the brunt of the impact. But he quickly forgot the pain.

“I just saw my mom go whack, whack, whack, my stepdad slammed him on the ground and that’s about it,” TJ said.

Police later found a gun in the Challenger, something Liesmann is grateful Alexander didn’t use on her. The Arby’s manager and young mother lost her four-year-old son in August to a medical condition, one reason she is incredibly protective of T.J.

“If anything happens, she’s going to be right there,” T.J. said.

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