Craigslist safe zones offered to those leery of utilizing popular online marketplace

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Purchases on Craigslist have not always ended with smooth transactions. However, Police departments around the country are trying to change that be offering safe zones.

The Overland Park Police Department urges people to meet in their parking lot or lobby to complete Craigslist transactions. They say crooks are less likely to commit a crime there.

If you can't meet at a police station, Overland Park Police Officer Jackie Zickel says you should meet in a populate public place that's well lit.

"Take a friend with you, take your cellphone, know who the person Is by description in case something goes wrong you're able to report what they look like and get the tag off their vehicle," said Zickel.

Many area police departments don't have safe zones.

The Wyandotte sheriff's department says it doesn't have one. The Kansas City Missouri Police Department doesn't have one either, but they suggest making transactions in populated public places.

Prairie Village and Olathe say they have not had a citizen request such help.

The Shawnee police Department says it will discuss safe zones at its staff meeting Wednesday.

Like Overland Park, The Liberty police Department offers its parking lot and lobby as safe zones for online transactions.

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