Honest employee + social media = Happy ending for woman who lost wedding ring

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A woman who somehow lost her wedding ring at an Oklahoma City club, is relieved and thankful for the honesty and assistance she received to get it back on her finger.

Alycea Chandler didn't even know where she had lost it. She didn't notice right away that it was gone, and it was her husband who asked her where it was. She thought she'd lost it forever, but in her desperation, she decided to post her plight to social media.

The picture of her wedding ring circulated as far as the United Kingdom and eventually ended up in the Facebook news feed of Club One15 manager Adam Coury.

“We followed procedure, took it, put it in the safe,” said Adam Coury, General Manager of Club One15.

Coury said one of his employees found it on the floor and turned it in.

“The fact that I can trust my staff, even with small things like that, you can’t replace that,” Coury told FOX 4 sister station KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City.

The ring is worth at least $15,000, according to Chandler.


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