KC mom more incensed than scared by community teens choosing life of crime

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Teenage boys wielding guns and stealing cars; now one Kansas City mother the teens threatened says it must stop.

She was involved in an attempted carjacking that happened early Sunday morning at a Phillips 66 convenience store on Hickman Mills Drive in Kansas City, Mo.

The woman wasn't hurt, but the experience has her questioning why so many teens in the metro seem to be choosing a life of crime.

“They think it’s a game out here,” she said of young men committing crimes. “But at the same time, it’s very deadly. They don’t take it seriously until they’re actually behind bars.”

The victim, a single mother of three who goes to school and has job, asked Fox 4 to conceal her identity so she could safely share her story.

Police reports show at around 2 a.m. on Sunday, at least six teenage boys rolled up in two Jeeps, one of them reported stolen, to the Phillips 66 shop in South Kansas City. The woman was outside pumping gas, before going inside to pay. That’s when the teens tried to steal her car. She ran outside to confront them, but one teen flashed a handgun.

“I felt like he was going to use it,” she said of the gun. “When I ran off, I expected to hear gunshots.”

Instead, the teen focused on the car, which he couldn't start. He took off with his friends, only to return minutes later looking for a cell phone he had dropped inside her car. The car doors now locked, the teens began kicking it and eventually used a concrete rock to break a window before driving off again.

It’s an encounter that has left this mother more angry than scared – asking why so many young people in her community seem to be on a downward spiral.

“It really frustrates me that that’s the route that they’re choosing,” she said. “They’re out here robbing, trying to shoot people, just doing stuff that’s going to end up, you know… they’re going to end up in jail or dead. That’s the only route they have if they continue that path.”

“I’m thinking like, ‘Where are these kids parents?’” she continued. “You don’t have to go out and hurt people, rob people, shoot, kill, any of that stuff, to get your way. Get out there and work like everybody else. You got to get out there and work. It’s not that hard.”

Police hope the surveillance cameras at the gas station caught it all on tape, but haven't been able to recover the video yet, according to the police report.

Detectives did recover the teen’s dropped cell phone and recovered one of the stolen Jeeps soon after the attempted robbery.

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