Problem Solvers roundup: A warm surprise and a promise kept

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KANSAS CITY, Mo.  -- A travel agent keeps his promise to an elderly widow, and a Kansas company delivers a warm surprise to a young Missouri family. Fox 4 Problem Solver Linda Wagar has follow ups on two stories we told you about earlier this month.

Company chops away at wood woes:

It was the good guys to the rescue. They even arrived in a white truck.

Alex Demoro, the owner of Superior Lawn and Tree Service in Basehor, Kan., drove 70 miles to Lexington, Mo., to offer his help and his firewood to a young family.

Demoro saw a Fox 4 Problem Solver story on Rhonda Masoner and her family who ordered two cords of wood for $440, but say they only got one.

Brandon Leimkuhler, the owner of the Missouri company that sold them the wood, said he has no idea what happened to the missing wood and blamed the problem on the Masoners. Problem Solvers feared Masoner was out of luck. Then we heard from Demoro.

He told us this was a problem he wanted to solve because his Kansas company has the same name as the Missouri company accused of not making the delivery. Both use the name "Superior" for their lawn and tree service.

"We are not related in any way," Demoro said. "I just wanted people to know these are two totally different people here."

To emphasize that point, Demoro hauled a cord of wood all the way from Basehor to Lexington.

"Thank you so much for helping our family," Masoner told Demoro. "It means a lot to us."

A promise kept:

Remember Helen Torrence Bey? She's the 84-year-old globe-trotter who was having difficulty getting money back from her travel agent. Mrs. Torrence Bey missed out on a Caribbean cruise when the airplane she was supposed to board had mechanical problems.

United Airlines reimbursed her for the flight, but she never got the money. Instead it went to her travel agent Jake who promised to mail it to her, but never did.

"When I get hold of him he talks to me like a dog," she said. "He even uses curse words."

That's when she called Fox 4 Problem Solvers.

We called Jake. He said he'd been holding onto the money just in case the airline had made a mistake in the amount, but he planned to mail it out the following day.

And it was. Mrs. Torrence Bey now has the money and is already planning her next adventure.

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