Judge rules man must pay $30,000 for child he’s not the father of

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Detroit, Mich. — A Michigan man was deemed responsible for paying child support for a child that isn’t even his, according to WXYZ.

Carnell Alexander was required to pay $30,000 for an ex’s child.

According to WXYZ, Alexander was listed as a father when his ex applied for welfare benefits. Court documents said that the process-server claimed to deliver a notice of a hearing at Alexander’s home, but Alexander disputes this claim because he was in jail for a crime he had committed a while back.

“How can you start a case with a lie?” Alexander asked WXYZ.  “The mom lied.  The process-server lied.  Now I have to pay for it.”

Alexander appeared in court Tuesday to try to fix the misunderstanding.

“I am outraged that Mr. Alexander for two and a half decades failed to take this matter seriously,” Judge Kathleen McCarthy told WXYZ.

Judge McCarthy told WXYZ that Alexander should have field a motion sooner because the motion must be filed within three years of the child’s birth. The judge ultimately ruled that Alexander must pay because the case is more than two and a half decades old.

Alexander told WXYZ that he did not initially file a motion after his ex claimed he was a father because he was just released from prison and didn’t have the money or education to fight the battle. Alexander assured WXYZ that he did his best to make it known that he was not the father of the child.

“Every court appearance that she said I made, I made it clear to them I was not the father of this child,” Alexander told WXYZ.

Alexander told WXYZ that he had tried to locate the mother to get a DNA test, but the address that the court gave him was not her current address. Alexander said that he was not able to track down his ex and alleged child until 2013.

“Somebody should have helped him,”his current attorney Cherika Harris told WXYZ. “To continue to harass and burden him to pay for a child that is not his, when they know who the real father is now, I don’t understand this.”

Harris took on Alexander’s case pro bono after learning about his situation.

Harris told WXYZ that the attorney general has dropped a warrant for Alexander’s arrest, which Harris thinks will help her get rid of the debt he must owe.

Harris told WXYZ that she intends to file another motion to reduce Alexander’s debt.

Alexander said he realizes he might owe money according to the law but doesn’t believe it’s right.

“The law is not going to fit into everybody’s situation,” Alexander told WXYZ.  “Why don’t they use common sense?”

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