KS bill being debated would require parental consent for sexual education

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Do teachers have the right to teach your kids about sex? That's the topic of a hot button bill making its way into the Kansas House of Representatives.

The bill would require schools to get parents written consent, before their kids are enrolled in sex ed classes.

KCK teacher Alma Hall got emotional during our interview because of alarming numbers that are hitting JC Harmon high school.

"This year? Can I give you this year alone? I have... one, two...." she said.

She counted nine freshmen in her health class that have become pregnant, and that's only since January.

"It bothers me more than I let on," Hall said.

Hall believes the problem lies behind the lack of sex education.

As of now, most districts enroll students into sex education classes automatically and parents have the choice to take them out, but this bill would require parents to first give written consent for their children to be in the class.

Hall believes no matter what, sex education courses should be required for high schoolers across the board.

"It's scary. It's a scary thing because our students are getting influenced by their friends more than their teachers or parents," she said.

But supporters believe parents need to have more control over what their kids are exposed to at school.

In testimony before the committee, supporters said quote, "the education system needs boundaries" and that this bill would "engage parents in a positive way."

But Hall wonders, what about the students who aren't getting the birds and the bees talk at all?

"Sometimes in education, we're the parents. Sometimes we're the only role model they see," she said.

The House education committee heard 90 minutes of testimony on this bill. The committee had to push a vote on the bill to another day because there were so many people wanting to speak.

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