Joe’s Weather Blog: Another Cold Blast Lurks (SAT-2/21)

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Good afternoon…

Skies are bright and sunny out there and temperatures have responded nicely into the 40s as I type this. The weak storm that bothered us last night into the week hours of this morning with mostly rain and freezing rain/drizzle has moved away from the region. There were some places that picked up some snow…mainly NE of KC out towards central MO…overall though I’m pleased with the way the forecast played out for the vat majority of our viewers.


Tonight: Getting colder again with a stiffening North wind bringing in colder air. Lows drop to around 10-14°. Wind chills will go sub-zero again tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow: Mixed clouds and some sunshine with perhaps a few flurries as the colder air moves through. Highs around 20°. wind chills will be in the -5-+5° range for most of the day.

Monday: Cold morning with lows near 0° (some sub-zero) then highs approach 20° or so with sunny skies


In the end, not surprisingly there was little to no snow out of this wave that moved through. Some areas into Randolph and Macon Co picked up 2-4″ of snow. Salisbury in Chariton Co saw 3″ and Moberly had almost 3″ of sleet and snow. Again though for KC it was a struggle. The system is now creating all sorts of winter weather headaches through the OH/TN Valley regions…counties in pink on the following image are the Winter Storm Warnings…


Notice the Denver area as well as E CO and far W KS getting into a nice swath of snow as well…

For now it appears that aside from some minor snow chances through Friday (system late WED night into THU AM bears watching)…all we’ll be fighting with will be additional shots of cold weather for the rest of the month. Average temperatures now through FEB are running almost 5.6° below average and we’ll be knocking more off that over the next week or so. In the end it probably will be enough to give us below average temperatures overall for the DJF months which is considered meteorological winter. Of course we still have essentially another month to go in reality before we segue into springtime around these parts. There certainly will be more cold air shots and odds are there will be more snow chances.

The icing that we saw overnight in areas and for that matter the snow that occurred northeast of the metro…has quickly faded away. Although the satellite picture shows some (an accumulation of the last few weeks) still on the ground towards 36 highway in N MO.


Once you get into S MO and E MO that is more cloud cover…but that stripe across NE KS  and eastwards that is snow.

The cold front coming our way will be moving through later today. It’s not so much a sharp front…but it signals another air mass coming through,,,and the temperature drop will be gradual tonight but sustained through tomorrow morning.

The 12PM map shows the cold air poised north of KC (temperatures are in RED) and notice we’re talking about a 20° difference up there compared to here (I-80 vs I-70).


The cold air that is up there will continue to hang around through Sunday and Monday. I’m hopeful that we could get a nice warm-up on Tuesday (perhaps mid 40s+?) before another shot of cold weather seeps in WED>FRI.

It’s been an interesting winter for sure…agonizing for snow lovers but interesting…especially with the contrast in temperatures…

A final note…I’ve touched on this over the past couple of days…but the pattern continues to be supportive of more cold air shots into the Plains for the rest of the month and through the 1st 7+ days of March it appears. So while we’ll be switching our clocks in the next 2 weeks…Mother Nature has no plans of switching our temperature regime.

There also will be more opportunities for snow.

Have a great weekend and I’ll get another update out for you on Sunday afternoon.

The feature photo of the day is from our twitter feed….courtesy of Liz Deveney…hope those guys don’t freeze tomorrow!





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