Grandview car wash manager says thief used blow torch in attempted robbery

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Grandview police are looking for a man who tried to steal money from a car wash. The manager at Big Billie's Car Wash said surveillance video caught the entire act.

"What he didn't know is there's two locked doors and when you open the first door it sets the alarm off," said Mike Lane, the manager.

Lane thinks the suspect tried to burn the lock off the change box using a blow torch. He found the melted lock at the scene. The video also shows a woman acting as a lookout during the act.

"He came in and he had a blow torch in his trunk, put the hoses through the back seat then pulled them out the window and he cut the bars the lock off the box," Lane told FOX 4.

Lane said the attempted theft happened around 4:30 Monday afternoon. He hopes the surveillance video will lead police to the suspect.

Once the alarm system goes off the video shows the suspect flee the scene in the vehicle. Lane said the change boxes are emptied twice a day so the suspect would have only made off with about five dollars. Contact the Grandview Police Department if you have any information.

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