Independence mom upset with school after son given another student’s prescription

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- The mother of an Independence elementary school student says her son was given prescription medication that was not prescribed for him.

Lasha Lee wants to know how and why her son's school nurse could make the mistake of giving her son Ritalin, a prescription medication usually prescribed for children with ADHD.

"How can you be so careless with my child, who doesn't take any medication?" she said.

Lee says her son, Jayden, was pulled out of his second grade class Wednesday by the nurse at Christian Ott Elementary School in Independence.

"She said ‘is your name Jayden,’ he said ‘yes my name is Jayden.’ She said ‘here take this tablet and here is some water to drink it down with,’” said Lee.

Jayden says he took the pill because he has been taught to obey those in a position of authority.

"I'm like ‘I don't take medicine but ok,’ ‘cause I have to listen to the nurse and everybody else at school," said Jayden.

So Jayden says he took that tablet, which lee says was Ritalin, a stimulant prescribed for hyperactivity and impulse control, prescribed to another student named Jayden.

"The right Jayden ended up coming to the nurse’s office like ‘hey, I didn't get my medicine, what is going on?’" she said.

Lee says that is when the nurse realized the mistake and called her.

"And told me ‘hey, I accidentally gave your son a 10 mg tablet of Ritalin, he should be fine but can you come pick him up,’" recalled Lee.

Ritalin can have some serious side effects, which Lee says Jayden suffered from.

"He says ‘mom, my stomach really hurts’ and by that time I feel his heart and his heart is just racing," she said.

Lee says she took Jayden to urgent care.

"I was scared because I felt really weird like I was about to fall down," Jayden described.

Lee says after her son was checked out by a doctor, it was a sleepless night.

"I mean checking on him every 15 to 30 minutes just to make sure my son is still breathing just because of just carelessness. I want them to acknowledge they messed up and I want an apology," said Lee.

FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien relayed that message to Lori Halsey, the Director of Health Services at the Independence School District, and asked her if she had anything to say to Lee about the incident.

"We take this situation very seriously, as we do any situation with our student safety, and we are continuing to investigate to see exactly what happened," said Halsey.

But Halsey said she could not comment further on the matter, because it is a personnel issue and involves a minor. She also declined to comment on the status of the nurse.

Jayden, however, says his teacher told him that nurse would not be returning to Christian Ott Elementary School.

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