St. Louis looks to KC to reduce crime, increase prosecution

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As the homicide rate in Kansas City continues to drop, other cities are beginning to look towards Kansas City for solutions to their own violence problems.

Prosecutors and police officials from St. Louis are in town Monday to learn more about Kansas City's No Violence Alliance.

Kansas City NOVA formed two years ago as a partnership between local police, state and federal prosecutors and other federal agencies to help reduce crime in Kansas City, and according to the statistics, it's working.

Last year, Kansas City recorded 79 total homicides, St. Louis recorded 159, which is 80 more murders in St. Louis than in Kansas City. Kansas City saw a drop of 21 homicides from 2013, but St. Louis investigated 39 more murders. So far for 2015, St. Louis has had more than twice as many homicides as Kansas City.

By working together, officers and prosecutors along with researchers from UMKC have identified high crime areas and are warning possible offenders to either get enrolled in a program to find a job  or risk getting sent to jail.

While Kansas City leaders said there are still too many murders, the Kansas City NOVA program is preventing potential future violence by empowering those who might otherwise choose a life of crime.

The St. Louis prosecutor also met with leaders in Philadelphia and New York this past week to learn some tips on how to reduce homicides.

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