Large crowd flocks to premiere of new Buckner-based WGN show ‘Outlaw Country’

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GLADSTONE, Mo. -- Folks were glued to TV screens inside No. 9 Saloon in Gladstone on Tuesday night, checking out a the debut of controversial reality show chronicling the beef between some Buckner bad boys, and brothers who are cops.

The docudrama is called Outlaw Country, which premiered on WGN America . Several hours before the show premiered, you could barely find a seat for the watch party.

The show is about an ongoing feud between brothers Josh and John Monk, and the city's police chief Mike Cook, and his brother Steve Cook who is a detective.

John Monk says doing the docudrama is all about sharing he and his brother's side of the story.

"People want to deny what the police really do, and people want to act like everything is okay, and that's just not how it is," he said.

However, the so-called "Buckner bad boys" have gotten a little back lash. Following a previous story, the Fox 4 Facebook page lit up with comments, with some calling it reality garbage at its best.

Another person claimed it promotes a bad image of Buckner, and others claimed not one part of the story line is true. It's something that the brothers Monk, and other people on the show balked at.

"This is not scripted. All these people who haven't seen it, what are they going off of?" John Monk inquired.

"When you judge without seeing something first, I think you give yourself a bad name," said Josh Monk.

"I don't think any place can be characterized in the way 10 or eight people represent themselves," said Hasone Essery who is also on the show.

The group feels the show offers something much deeper than what's seen in the action packed promotions.

"You could connect with these guys and realized that they're really good guys," said John Monk's ex-wife Stephanie Monk, who is also in the show.

"It's more about the people. Our lifelong friendship. That's what it's really about," said Melissa Coello.

Rob Kimmons, who's also on the show, says it won't be long before foes of the show become faithful viewers.

"A lot of people who are hating on the show right now, two weeks down the road they're going to be our biggest fans", said Kimmons.

Buckner city attorney Steve Mauer said, "It's a TV show and so yes, they're going to feature the action and drama and that's okay, but I don't think they're going to intentionally make Buckner look bad. They're not going to intentionally pain the town in a bad light."

"It's a good opportunity for Buckner to be featured all across the country regardless of how people want to view the TV show," Mauer concluded.